‘Pews News’ December 2015

Jefferson“Describe Christmas In Three Words”

What would you say? ‘Last minute shopping’, ‘Eating too much’, ‘Filling a stocking’ or perhaps ‘Holly and ivy’, or ‘Family and friends’?
But what about the words ‘Christ is born’? Where do they fit in?
So how about these three words instead: historical, joyful and essential.

1. Christmas is historical: it really happened
Jesus is not some mythical, make believe character. St Luke, who based his account on information from eye witnesses, carefully investigated everything and came to the conclusion that there has never been anyone else like Jesus.
He lived a life of astonishing power and humility, authority and kindness, self-sacrifice and compassion. He performed extraordinary miracles which even his enemies couldn’t deny and even though he died for us, God raised him from the dead!
In fact, he appeared to over 500 people in the days following his resurrection.

2. Christmas is joyful: God really cares
As the angelic messenger said, ‘I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all people. Today a Saviour has been born to you, he is Christ the Lord.’
Christmas tells us that God loves us. Why else would he have sent his Son to leave all the glory of heaven and be born a man in the midst of the suffering of this world?
That’s a great reason to be joyful: God really cares! Nothing that you have or will experience is beyond what Jesus has already known.

3. Christmas is essential: it really matters
Jesus didn’t just come to earth to demonstrate God’s love; he came to achieve an urgent rescue. The apostle Paul, one of the greatest early Christian leaders, tells us: ‘Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners.’
Sin simply means putting self first instead of God. Jesus, whose name means Saviour, came so that we might be forgiven by God and reunited with God if we repent and place our faith and trust in him, and our eternal future depends on the decision we make now while we are still alive. That is why it is so important. It really matters.
You see ‘Jesus is the Reason for the Season.’ So this year why not put CHRIST back into Christmas? Make time for God. Come and learn more about him. Discover that at the heart of Christmas is God’s heart of love – for at its centre are three other very special words.


With best wishes,
Charles Jefferson


Discipleship – A New Menu For All
In January 2016, the Peterborough Diocese is launching a ‘Discipleship Menu.’ The three principles underpinning the menu are: Celebrating being children of God: Growing as disciples of Jesus; and Witnessing to our faith.

For more information, visit the website…..
Discipleship – A New Menu For All

Single Earring Appeal

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the St. Peter’s, Greatworth Single Earring Appeal, which realised a total of £761.04 towards the running costs of the church. Any non-precious metal jewellery is being sent to a local charity.