Calais Refugee Update

Suspect that the recent spell of cold weather, which has followed on from the rain, has made you glad that you are not living in a tent outside Calais?

All Saints Church in Middleton Cheney is acting as a village collection point for donations to a 5 day mission,  organised by some Banbury doctors & midwives, to support women refugees in Calais.

There has been an encouraging response so far; we now have the equivalent of 12 large bin bags of warm winter clothing, outdoor coats, blankets and sleeping bags, plus toiletries filled shoeboxes and some food.

The deadline for donations is 22nd February. You can drop items off at the church (including Wednesday 17th February, 11.00 to 1.00) , or at other times with David & Sue Thompson at Church  Cottage (Tel: 711115) to the right of the church gate. There is a range of specific  items needed, listed below. Many Thanks.

They need:

1) Clothing & Bedding: sleeping bags; blankets; warm or weatherproof clothing. This is the highest priority category.

2) Shoeboxes: Filled with items such as sanitary pads; talc; soap; toothpaste; toothbrushes (adults & children’s) flannels; hand towels; nappy sacks and socks.

3) Food:  oil; rice; sugar; tinned fish; biscuits; tinned goods such as chick peas, kidney beans & tomatoes; tinned fruit & vegetable, veg stock cube; UHT milk.

4) Money: (£2k) to cover transport costs and for the purchase of goods which need to be bought locally in France.

You can donate via the crowdfunding page –

They have raised £1085 so far. Thanks for all the support.